High School to Community College Articulation

The North Carolina High School to Community College Articulation Agreement is an agreement between the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the North Carolina Community College System. The North Carolina High School to Community College Articulation Agreement provides a seamless process that joins secondary and postsecondary Career and Technical (CTE) programs of study.


The statewide articulation agreement comprises approximately 50 high school CTE courses that match the knowledge and skills taught in similar community college courses. The articulation agreement ensures that if a student is proficient in his/her high school course, the student can receive college credit for that course at any North Carolina community college. This streamlines the student’s educational pathway by eliminating the need to take multiple courses with the same learning outcomes.


To receive articulated credit, students must enroll at the community college within two years of their high school graduation date and meet the following criteria. Community college officials verify eligibility and acceptance of articulated courses listed on the high school transcript.

  • Final grade of B or higher in the course; AND
  • A score of 93 or higher on the CTE Post Assessment


For additional information about the North Carolina High School to Community College Articulation Agreement, visit www.ncperkins.org.


The following list includes CTE courses offered in the Randolph County School System that are included in the North Carolina High School to Community College Articulation Agreement.


High School CTE Course Community College Course
AA22 Animal Science II ANS 110 Animal Science
AP41 Horticulture I HOR 150 Intro to Horticulture
AP44 Horticulture II-Landscaping HOR 114 Landscaping Construction; OR LSG 111 Basic Landscaping Technique
AS32 Agricultural Mechanics II WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes; OR AGR 111 Basic Farm Maintenance
BD10 Multimedia and Webpage Design WEB 110 Internet/Web Fundamentals; OR WEB 120 Intro to Internet Multimedia
BM10 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint OST 137 Office Software Applications
BM20 Microsoft Excel CTS 130 Spreadsheet
FE11 Early Childhood Education I; AND FE12 Early Childhood Education II EDU 119 Intro to Early Childhood Education
FN41 Food and Nutrition I; AND FN42 Food and Nutrition II CUL 112 Nutrition for Food Service
FN42 Food and Nutrition II; AND ServSafe Certification CUL 110 Sanitation & Safety; AND CUL 110A Sanitation & Safety Lab
HN43 Nursing Fundamentals NAS 101 Nursing Assistant I
HU40 Health Science I MED 121 Medical Terminology I; AND MED 122 Medical Terminology II
HU42 Health Science II HSC 110 Orientation to Health Careers; AND HSC 120 CPR or MED 180 CPR
IA31 Digital Media I DME 110 Intro to Digital Media
IC00 Construction Core WOL 110 Basic Construction Skills
IC00 Construction Core; AND IC21 Carpentry I CAR 110 Intro to Carpentry; OR WOL 110 Basic Construction Skills; OR CST 110 Intro to Construction
IC00 Construction Core; AND IC11 Masonry I; AND IC 12 Masonry II MAS 110 Masonry I
IC13 Masonry III MAS110 Masonry I
IC22 Carpentry II CST 111 Construction I
IC23 Carpentry III CST 112 Construction II  (must also receive articulated credit for CST 111)
IM31 Electronics I; AND IM32 Electronics II ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity; AND ELC 126 Electrical Computations or EGR 131 Intro to Electronics Tech
IM41 Metals Manufacturing Tech I; AND IM42 Metals Manufacturing Tech II BPR 111 Blueprint Reading; AND MAC 111 Machining Technology I; AND MAC 151 Machining Calculations

IT16 Automotive Service I; AND 
IT17 Automotive Service II; AND
IT18 Automotive Service III                   *Must complete MLR Task List

TRN 111 Chassis Maintenance/Light Repair; AND 
TRN 112 Powertrain Maintenance/Light Repair; AND 
AUT 113 Automotive Servicing I

ME11 Entrepreneurship I ETR 210 Intro to Entrepreneurship
MM51 Marketing ETR 230 Entrepreneur Marketing; OR MKT 110 Principles of Fashion; OR MKT 120 Principles of Marketing