Student Enrollment

Children who are legally domiciled in the Randolph County School System attendance zone are eligible to attend the school that serves the area in which they reside.

Board of Education policy and NC State Law require that the parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) must establish legal residence in Randolph County.

Requests for a change of schools and other educational requests can be made only by the parent or legal guardian of the child(ren). Notarized statements or agreements between parties (such as between the parent and grandparent of a child) are not sufficient for either enrollment of a child or to request a school assignment change. Scroll down for additional information regarding the process for requesting a school assignment change.

Students who reside in Randolph County, but whose parents request that they be allowed to attend a school in the Archdale-Trinity Tax district, if approved, are required to pay a special tuition.

State law was amended in 1997 relative to admitting a select group of 4-year old children to Kindergarten. The criteria for enrollment are very specific and require special testing and other documentation. Click here for specific details on the requirements for enrolling 4-year-olds in kindergarten.