STAR3 Students

STAR3 students are “Respectful, Responsible, and Doing the Right Thing.” 

Ideas for selection:

  • Being role models in compassion, drive, determination, courage, character, etc.
  • Making positive accomplishments both inside and outside of school
  • Passing grades in spite of obstacles
  • Returning to school after dropping out and is on track to graduating
  • Having good attendance
  • Overcoming struggles in life
  • Earning all S’s in behavior
  • Having academic and/or club accomplishments
  • Receiving a nomination from faculty members

The Board of Education recognizes these students and their accomplishments at a designated
board meeting. A school-based committee handles the selection of each school’s awards
recipient. Family members and school staff are invited to a student’s recognition at a Board of
Education meeting. Three (3) students per year, per school are recognized as STAR3