Signature Schools

At its annual meeting, the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium (PTEC) honors "Signature Schools." These are schools that have experienced significant improvement in the last 12 months.   

Some indicators that apply to the nominated schools include:

  • A school that has documented increases in measurable outcomes.  Examples-test data, lower dropout rate, lower incidences of rule infractions, etc.
  • A school in which positive change is not merely affecting one classroom or grade level, but is widespread (systemic) throughout the school.
  • A school in which students and staff want to come to school and often work beyond established school hours.        
  • A school in which the overall quality of teaching has continued to improve as measured by observations, peer evaluations, student feedback, parent comments, etc.\
  • A school which has successfully engaged the support of parents and the community to accomplish the school’s goals.