"Pride in RCSS" Pin Recipients

The "Pride in RCSS" program, introduced in January 2015, is a way to recognize members of our “RCSS Employee Team” for displaying “pride in the school system” and “high character/high commitment” through their daily efforts.  The primary focus is on smaller events associated with employees’ actions not as likely to attract much public attention.  Examples of these actions by employees include always being positive, on time, responsive in relation to their daily duties/responsibilities, and proactive.  In short, these individuals help the school system in ways often not visible to the public and do their jobs with a high level of pride.  Nonetheless, actions by employees in relation to large events can be recognized as well.

Any RCSS employee can receive a “Pride in the Randolph County School System” pin.  The pins are distributed by members of the RCSS Leadership Team, principals, and Board of Education members, and may be given at any time. Employees are rewarded for doing something “special” to help the school system, regardless of the size or magnitude of the act. 

Please see lists of "Pride in RCSS" pin recipients below. Congratulations to all of these employees for their commitment to the Randolph County School System!